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    December 05, 2023 | Posted by: Arielle Gomez


    Team Spotlight: CX

    At PHM, we re-imagine media for health and wellness everyday—but how does that play out in the day to day lives of our employees?

    To answer this question, PHM presents the Team Spotlight, highlighting a different team each month and detailing not only the work they do, but how they make PHM a great place to work.

    This month: CX, through the lens of Arielle Gomez, VP, CX

    In a world full of data, inputs and outputs, insights and more, it can be hard to cut through the noise and find out what really matters to consumers. As health marketers, we have the daunting task of navigating patient journeys that are often fraught with emotions, gatekeepers and roadblocks. What bothers patients about their condition? What makes them take that step towards getting treatment and what’s a barrier to seeking treatment? The answers to these questions can disrupt a patient’s journey toward care—and that’s where the CX team comes in.

    The CX team is fueled by two core ideas—humanity and curiosity. We’re PHM’s investigative journalists and we use every tool at our disposal—syndicated research, social listening, PHM-exclusive products and more—to dig deep and uncover real human insights. Whether that’s reading through Reddit threads to learn more about how patients are discussing a condition or keeping a pulse on what’s going on in the world to determine the potential impact, our goal is to bring a human lens to our work and find the unique needs of our target audiences. We are looking at the entire patient journey, not just channel by channel. No two patient experiences are identical but by identifying real, human truths that are common among those who share a specific disease state or condition, we can meet them where they are and provide helpful, accurate information to move them towards treatment. These insights ensure that teams across the agency are better armed to help clients connect with patients and HCPs, wherever they are on their journey.

    What does that mean in practice? Well, each day is different! One day, I can be fully immersed in a patient journey, looking to see if there are any moments that may inspire patients to be more engaged—then arming our Strategy team with these insights to inform their tactical planning. The next, I can be partnering with our Platform and Social teams to find unexpected places our patients are seeking information online. Are they searching for answers on Google or TikTok? Are they leaning on online communities for support? I can then take those insights to our Partner Direct and Content teams and brainstorm how to activate those insights through content partnerships. The ever-changing and collaborative nature of the job is what I enjoy the most. There is immense satisfaction in knowing the work I do helps our teams become savvier, more empathetic health marketers.

    When I made the decision to leave my last media agency, I knew I wanted to be surrounded by the best and brightest pharma experts. I never thought I would find such a group of passionate and dedicated people like those at PHM. I’ve been here for four years and am still impressed by the teams I’ve had the privilege of working with and the work we do each day—and how we on the CX team can provide the core human element to complement that amazing work.

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