Company Perks

Parental & Family Care Leave: All regular employees may take up to 12 paid weeks off for FMLA-covered reason

New Parent Transition Program: All regular employees can utilize up to three months for a gradual transition back to their normal work schedule after Parental & Family Care Leave

Adoption, Surrogacy & Fertility Assistance: Employees can receive up to $25,000 net

Pet Adoption Stipend & Pawternity Leave: Employees with new pets can receive up to $100 net reimbursement and have additional work-from-home flexibility to bond with new pet

Health, Wellness & Comfort Reimbursement: $250 net for expenses related to health, wellness and work-from-home comfort

Tuition Reimbursement: All regular employees are eligible for $5,250 tax-free reimbursement immediately upon start date

Matching Charitable Contributions: Up to $1,000 annually, inclusive of both dollar-to-dollar and service time donations ($10/hour)

Identity Day: A ‘floating’ holiday for employees to use to recognize a day of cultural significance or a religious holiday that isn’t reflected in our broader holiday calendar

Personal Leave: Employees can request up to six months of unpaid leave, once the employee has reached six months of service

Bereavement Leave: Bereaved employees will have up to five days of paid time off per event

Sick Time: There are 12 days available annually for all employees

Volunteer Day: Employees can take one paid day to volunteer annually

Jury Duty: Employees will receive 100% paid time off when called to serve on a jury, testify in court, or appear as a witness
Vacation Time: All employees are offered unlimited flexible time off

Business Resource Groups

Publicis Groupe’s BRGs are employee-led groups made up of individuals who join together based on common interests, backgrounds or demographic factors. There are 12 different BRGs active across the US with local and national chapters and they provide opportunity for networking and professional development as well as influencing change across the organization.

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