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WellScore is a proprietary quantitative approach to uncover meaningful observations that identify competitive battlegrounds and media opportunities. Insights from WellScore extend beyond competitive media spending, creating a centralized view of all competitive aspects into a digestible and actionable format.

WellScore’s dashboard ingests data from a variety of sources and refined into a single ranking score, providing a clear picture of market leaders and challengers.

Competitive insights are organized into three key competitive areas:


Competitive intelligence into trends of market share, insurance access, pipeline and the positioning of competitive therapies


Understanding of the competitive promotional activities inclusive of media investment, channel deployment, activation across the health journey and visibility of the competition


Quantitative evaluation of how audiences are discussing competitive brands through positive or negative sentiment and overall volume of conversations

WellScore propels PHM’s contribution to brand marketing by uncovering meaningful competitive insights that direct our media strategies, investment allocations, messaging alignment, content development and beyond

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Change Agent: Competitive Insights in Action

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