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What We Do


Consumer & Professional Media Strategy

Health is unlike any other category, and it demands equally unique media strategies. By leveraging a diverse array of proprietary and marketplace tools, our media strategy teams uncover valuable insights into the unique complexities within each consumer and healthcare professional's healthcare journey. In turn, we illuminate true engagement opportunities that drive value for our clients as well as better patient outcomes.


Platform Integration

Our integrated approach to Platform Activation connects our teams across Search, Programmatic and Social to take a singular view of audience buying, connect cross platform insights, strengthen client visibility, while continually optimizing for efficiency.



As the first Health Focused trading desk in the industry, our Programmatic team is a leader in the market place, bringing innovative partners and solutions together to meet the unique needs of health and wellness marketers. Through the creation of private marketplaces, exclusive data access, and an continually evolving tech stack, our programmatic solution delivers first to market opportunities, drives efficiency, and delivers business outcomes for our clients.


Paid Search

PHM’s integrated paid search solutions help brands reach their target audiences in their greatest moments of need and active research. Rooted in an understanding of how search intent maps to the overarching health search journey, PHM delivers more than campaign efficiency alone: We unearth data-driven insights that help marketers better understand audience behaviors and inform the broader marketing mix. We employ tactical best practices, a deep understanding of healthcare advertisers’ unique compliance considerations, and emphases on innovation and testing to deliver best-in-class paid search campaigns and partnerships for our clients.


Paid Social Media

The connective power of social media empowers audiences as they navigate their healthcare journeys. PHM’s paid social team works within these community-driven channels to help our clients connect with relevant audiences, drive material awareness, and deliver measurable engagement.



Pairing a deep understanding of the patient journey with data-driven insights derived from our other integrated channels, PHM’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team leverages technical and content strategies to improve brand and product visibility across organic search results. Our SEO programs are designed to position our clients’ brands as subject matter experts — for search engines and for our clients’ target audiences.


Media Technology

Our advanced technology and verification team leverages innovative creative spec and build practices to instrument all in-market channels for optimal connectivity and measurability. With industry-leading expertise in 3rd party ad serving, ad verification/brand safety, viewability, online behavioral advertising, conversion tagging, and user privacy/GDPR, we’re able to optimize media quality and establish structural integrity within each campaign’s ecosystem.


Outcome Analytics

Responsible for paid media performance measurement, our Outcome Analytics team is focused on driving optimizations based on defined Measurement Plans, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and anonymized patient and/or HCP health outcome data. We work with clients, partners, and third-party data vendors to perform the necessary data collection and aggregation, as well as to provide meaningful media delivery metrics based on specific strategic needs. We use financial KPIs to report on all of our campaigns, the most successful of which have gained more than 300% value for each media dollar and driven 15+% increase in incremental new patient starts versus control.


Content & Partnerships

We pride ourselves on our wide-ranging and deep partnerships across the media industry. We are the largest investment partner for each of the top six endemic health platforms and have created many first-in-pharma opportunities for our clients. Our seasoned team of healthcare experts identify and capitalize on the most valuable and innovative opportunities for our clients in the healthcare space.

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