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    July 20, 2023 | Posted by: Tashia Souza


    Why I Choose Health: Reaching People Actively Seeking Solutions

    Tashia Souza, Director, Programmatic

    At PHM, our roles and reasons for being here are many. We’ve asked people to answer a few questions, letting us know a few of the things that make them unique, what they like best about PHM and of course, why they’ve chosen health.

    What is the best thing about working at PHM? 

    I appreciate the number of resources, tools and teams that exist within PHM. In previous jobs, the media team was required to manage everything from research and planning to activation and reporting. It has been an amazing experience to have the Business Intelligence, PMX and Strategy teams supporting the Programmatic team.

    What are two things on your bucket list? 

    First, I would like to visit Greece. We’ve had this on our list for years, but it keeps getting pushed, so I’m hoping that it’s our next big vacation. Second, I’d also love to get a small greenhouse because I have over 50 house plants and many of the tropical varieties struggle to stay alive during the winter.

    How do you make health and wellness part of your life? 

    I began prioritizing my mental health last year by starting therapy. Therapy can hold a negative connotation for many, but it is something that I am passionate about. It can improve so many aspects of your life and we shouldn’t feel afraid to have an open dialogue about it, especially in the workplace. I have also made it a habit to stop skipping meals. Unfortunately, that had become a norm for me in previous roles and it was very unhealthy. If I need to move a meeting, join late or make food while on a call, I always make sure that I am eating three times a day. Finally, I made an intentional decision to beautify my workspace, knowing that I spend the majority of my day in my home office as a remote employee. My office is now one of my favorite spots in the house and provides an atmosphere where I can be creative and productive.

    What is your favorite restaurant and why? 

    I have been loving a restaurant located by the ocean front in Virginia Beach called Quemar. They use ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients with a mix of Latin American and Mexican food, much of which is made in a wood-fired grill. My husband makes the most authentic Mexican food in the area (we have limited options!) so it’s always nice to kick back and enjoy a nice homemade tortilla in a beautiful space.

    Why did you choose health?

    I did not intentionally choose the health vertical, but being in this space is deeply meaningful for me on a personal level. My dad has lived with Leukemia for 12+ years and my sister is coming up on two years in remission from Hodgkins Lymphoma. Seeing two close family members go through the difficulty of getting diagnosed, going through treatment and managing symptoms has made me appreciate working in this industry. I understand the impact that it makes when you finally find the treatment that improves your life. I hope that through our efforts at PHM, we are able to reach people who are actively seeking solutions to address their health concerns.

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