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    Team Spotlight: Media

    December 23, 2021
    Posted by Rebecca LaBerge

    At PHM, we are continually re-imagining media for health and wellness everyday—but how does that play out in the day to day lives of our employees?

    To answer this question, PHM presents the Team Spotlight, highlighting a different team each month and detailing not only the work they do, but how they make PHM a great place to work.

    This month: Media, through the lens of Rebecca LaBerge, Media Supervisor

    I’d like to take you on a trip back to 2019. Imagine me, a young University of Tampa graduate living in Florida, longing for those perfect Gilmore Girls winters. It was an average day for me, doing my best to sprint from air conditioner to air conditioner as most Floridians have become expert at, when I received a call that I had been offered a job at PHM. Little did I know in that single moment, my life had been impacted in more ways than I could imagine. 

    A few weeks later, I packed my bags and moved in with my extended family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania to work in PHM’s New York office. Daily, I embarked on a two-hour commute each way, traveling through three states and using three means of transportation to make my way to the Big Apple. For nine months, I continued this journey with my main source of energy fueled by loads of coffee and peanut M&Ms. Looking back now, I wouldn’t change a thing about that wild commute.

    Three years later, my excitement for these northeast winters has worn off — given my need for a winter coat once the temp hits below 70 degrees—but my excitement about PHM could not have been more on target. I now find myself based out of Philadelphia, where I traded in my extensive commute for a five-step walk to my home office.

    As a Media Supervisor, my responsibility is to own and maintain relationships with clients. I spend my day doing a variety of things: analyzing data and researching insights to build client media strategies, working with the other members of our media team to execute and implement campaigns and serving as an internal and external resource for other capabilities at the agency, publishers and creative agencies.

    Working in media has allowed me to tap into a strategic mindset to learn more about patient populations and identify ways advertising can truly help others in the health space. I have had the opportunity to work alongside so many wonderful people with a wide range of backgrounds to plan and execute recommendations that have an impact far beyond us.

    PHM has given me the ability to truly help so many other people in a way I never thought possible and helped me make a group of friends that will last a lifetime. My journey to this exact moment was not always easy, but the work and time I have put in was beyond worth it to find more than a job, but a career and a passion for myself.

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