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    Why I Choose Health: Helping People Along Their Healthcare Journey

    July 30, 2021
    Posted by Ellen Dooley

    “Choosing to work in healthcare marketing was a no brainer.  What we do every day helps someone along their healthcare journey. Knowing that keeps me coming back every single day.”

    There are a lot of amazing things about working at PHM, the benefits, the people, the fast-paced environment. But I think the thing the tops it all is knowing that the work I do every day is helping someone. I’ve always been extremely passionate about helping others and working at PHM allows me to fulfill that passion day in and day out.

    Not only does the work that we do inspire me every day, it’s also the culture and community that we have here! I am incredibly blessed to work with such hard-working folks, and that is what motivates me every day. 

    Ellen Dooley with Camila Cymring

    Editors note: Ellen doesn’t just work hard, she celebrates with gusto, too. Check out her PHM twins moment at the Philadelphia office’s holiday party in 2019 with Camila Cymring.

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