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    Why I Choose Health: Making a Difference

    November 10, 2021
    Posted by Alison Elmire

    Alison Elmire, Manager, Paid Social Media

    At PHM, our roles and reasons for being here are many. We’ve asked people to answer a few questions, letting us know a few of the things that make them unique, what they like best about PHM and of course, why they’ve chosen health.

    What is the best thing about working at PHM?
    PHM’s people! While we all work incredibly hard each day, the days are made easier because of the incredible people I work alongside. PHM has some of the most brilliant minds who are experts in their respective capabilities and are always willing to help a teammate – and have a little fun while doing it.

    What is something a co-worker did for you that made you smile?
    I had just started at PHM and my POD held monthly birthday celebrations for our team. The August celebration rolled around, and I was given a card signed by the entire team wishing me a happy birthday and welcoming me. Later, I had come to find out my manager had run around to everyone’s desk and made sure they signed my card. It was a small act, but it made me smile and made PHM feel a little more like home since I had just started my career after graduating only two months before.

    What are two things on your bucket list?
    I love to travel and have done a fair amount of it for someone my age, but two of my travel bucket list items are to visit all seven wonders of the world and go to Thailand! Traveling offers new perspective and I’ve always been passionate about history, learning about new cultures and of course trying the different foods.

    What is your favorite restaurant and why?
    As a Philadelphia resident and a sushi addict, my favorite restaurant is Royal Izakaya in Queen Village. The quality is the absolute best and is 100% worth splurging on every now and then.

    Why did you choose health?
    I’ve always wanted to make a difference in peoples’ lives, but was never sure how. Starting my career in health has given me a greater purpose and was an opportunity for me to empower others to take ownership of their health.

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