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    April 25, 2024 | Posted by: Nika Chugh


    Team Spotlight: Marketing

    At PHM, we re-imagine media for health and wellness everyday—but how does that play out in the day to day lives of our talent?

    Team Spotlight highlights a different team each month, detailing not only the work they do, but how they contribute to PHM’s unique culture.

    This month: Marketing, through the lens of Nika Chugh, Manager, Marketing & Communications in conversation with Richie Pickwell, Senior Designer.

    Take a peek behind PHM’s brand—our visual identity, social media, or even the market-defining PHM HealthFront — with PHM’s Marketing team! Responsible for all of PHM’s marketing, communications, business development and programming initiatives, our team ensures that PHM’s brand is represented through our many channels while elevating our reputation externally.

    As for Richie and me, we partner on our owned elements—such as our social media presence and visual branding of the PHM HealthFront. Richie also collaborates with our teammates on new business, while I work closely on our internal communications. We interface with team leadership to concept, strategize and execute on the agency’s priorities, all laddering up to driving PHM’s growth in the marketplace.

    Richie and I sat down to discuss more on what it means to be part of PHM’s Marketing team and our unique roles within it.

    Nika: You and I work in tandem to execute on many content and design initiatives. In my role, I develop content strategies for PHM’s owned channels, such as our blog, social media and other internal channels, positioning PHM as a leader in the marketplace and an employer of choice. How do you view your role and your approach as it comes to PHM’s brand?

    Richie: In my role as Senior Designer, I make sure all branded materials fit seamlessly into PHM’s visual identity and brand guidelines. This applies to projects as complex as a new business pitch, or as simple as how a logo is positioned on the website. In my work, I always try to take a user-first approach. To me, effective design is accessible and easy for a user to understand.

    N: Due to the dynamic nature of our work, the projects we focus on often change, depending on the needs of the business. For example, leading up to the annual PHM HealthFront, our team is heads down in planning, designing and executing the event. Our day-to-day can vary broadly, but for me, it usually consists of managing our owned channels and preparing for what’s next on our content calendar. This can mean writing copy for social, coordinating with blog contributors or brainstorming new ideas. I also focus on making sure we’re tracking against any other deliverables, like an upcoming awards submission.

    R: I usually focus on designing documents to ensure our branding is applied consistently to core IP for clients and partners, such as CES or HealthFront takeaway documents, and I help brainstorm how PHM’s visual branding can evolve as needed to meet our goals. We are always iterating, and our website is a great example of that. At the end of 2022, we redesigned the website from top to bottom, and I am proud of how we reimagined the visual identity and UX design with this iteration. The process was very collaborative—many different parties were involved between the Marketing team, the dev team, SEO and executive leadership—and I believe we delivered a final product that incorporated the feedback of people who are experts in their respective fields.

    N: That kind of evolution gives us the opportunity to get really creative on interesting projects, like our recent #PHMLove partnership with F Cancer, “HPV F’s Everybody”. I served as project manager on the initiative and had the opportunity to work with really insightful, smart people at both PHM and Digitas Health (one of our Publicis sister agencies), all in the pursuit of a worthwhile cause. Because of this project, I learned so much about how to get a campaign of this scale off the ground.

    Being on this team has allowed us to think creatively and try new things, all while being immersed in the dynamic, ever-changing landscape of health media and the welcoming culture of PHM. So next time you’re scrolling through PHM’s Instagram, reading about the insightful content coming out of HealthFront or celebrating a new business win—I hope you’ll think of us or reach out if you’re ever interested in contributing to our brand.

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