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    Jason Patterson, SVP Business Intelligence: Health Requires an Integrated Measurement Approach

    August 25, 2021
    Posted by Publicis Health Media

    PHM SVP, Business Intelligence, Jason Patterson believes brand marketers should integrate data and analytics across the planning process to ultimately create more impactful campaigns. 

    “In health and pharma, we learn more each year about how patients interact with brands. By integrating measurement, we can start to connect those behaviors for even better optimization methods. Traditionally, and with measurement at the “back end”, optimization could be seen as observational—noting performance of certain platforms and reporting on improvement strategies. With connected optimizations, which are powered by integrated measurement, we can collect many elements of patient behavior, such as engagement with endemic and non-endemic content, to create patient cohorts and effective audience models, thus connecting with consumers more deeply with new strategies. Those valuable insights should set the stage in strategy and planning sessions, rather than only coming to bear at the end of the process.”

    Data and measurement should not be considered sequential, activated after the work has launched. The best measurement allows for a symbiotic relationship between data, strategy and creative, allowing for maximum agility in market. This is especially true in healthcare where consumer interactions with brands are individualized and varied. 

    Read Jason’s full article in “Healthcare Business Today.”

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