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My Wellness Hack: Nicolette Brunetti

January 22, 2020
Posted by Nicolette Brunetti

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In many ways, skincare has become more closely tied to beauty than health. Just look at the thousands of products on the market that proudly claim to reduce wrinkles, smooth lines, and even out complexion. However, I believe that skincare is truly essential to our overall health and wellness.

Our skin is our largest organ and one of the most important barriers against infection. Keeping it healthy and hydrated helps the barrier remain strong, which in turn makes us feel our best!

That being said, a health-focused skin care regimen not only nourishes our skin, but also helps maintain a glowing complexion as the temperature cools down. Here are my winter wellness hacks that get me through the colder, dryer months so my skin stays glowing all year round!

1. Moisturize at least once per day.

Moisturizing is so important! It’s easy to skip this step until you notice dry skin. I make it a point to moisturize my face after cleansing AM and PM, as well as my body right after the shower, which helps lock in moisture and prevent dry skin in the winter, before I step outside into the cold air. I keep my bottle of lotion handy and visible in my bathroom so I never forget. Work tip: I also keep lotion at my desk so I can moisturize my hands throughout the day to avoid cracked knuckles.

2. Wear gloves outside.

Our hands are exposed to germs and bacteria all day long, and the harsh winter elements can strip the skin’s natural protective barrier. That’s why I feel that wearing gloves is crucial during this time of the year. Aside from keeping my hands warm and comfortable during my daily commute and lunch break, they prevent my skin from drying out and help keep me from catching a cold.

3. Always wear sunscreen (even in the winter).

Even though it’s not 80 degrees and sunny, I never skip SPF. Our skin is exposed to harmful UV rays all year long, so wearing a daily sunscreen will help to prevent skin damage and premature aging (hello wrinkles!). I use a daily ultra-light moisturizing lotion that contains SPF 30 so my face is not only hydrated but also protected from sun damage.

4. Drink lots of water.

We hear it all the time: drink more water. But left to my own devices, I’m the first to admit that I don’t always get my recommended daily amount. To help establish this healthy habit, I set a reminder on my phone every few hours as a reminder to drink more water. I also use a reusable water bottle: they are easy to refill and much better for the environment!

5. Use a humidifier at night.

It’s normal for the air to become drier in your home once winter is in full swing. This not only causes the skin to dry out, but it also worsens any cold-induced sinus problems. Running a humidifier in my room each night while I sleep greatly helps my skin stay hydrated and lets me breathe easy.

Friendly health and wellness advice is no match for a doctor’s expert opinion. Please consult a licensed medical professional for your health-related questions.

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