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    We Choose Health

    November 7, 2018
    Posted by Jaime Morelli
    At PHM, we believe that visionary leadership, workplace culture, and organizational success are fueled by our biggest asset: our people. Culture Current is an ongoing series showcasing how individuals across PHM reflect our most essential values.

    At Publicis Health Media, we place the pursuit of health and wellness at the center of everything we do, a commitment that has shaped our growth from the very beginning.

    Companies operating in the health and wellness space have a responsibility to “walk the well-being walk” — not just talk about health and wellness in their public-facing branding. At Publicis Health Media (PHM), “We Choose Health” was one of our core founding principles, and we continue to place health at the center of everything we do.

    PHM is a media agency, but we take our healthcare specialization very seriously. The people who choose to work here do so because health and wellness is important to them, and we’re always on the lookout for people who can articulate why they want to do media planning work in the healthcare vertical specifically. As a leadership team, we do our utmost to reflect this passion for health in the office space we provide, the activities we plan, and the work culture we maintain.

    Building a Healthy Work Environment

    Our new location on West Wacker Drive in Downtown Chicago offers abundant natural light and is peppered with plants and standing desks, which have been shown to have a variety of health benefits. Further, most of our building is structured for activity-based working, which affords employees the freedom to move between different work settings — traditional desks, cubicles, phone booths, conference rooms, etc. — depending on their daily schedules. Combined with our wide range of complimentary snacks and beverages, this emphasis on intra-office movement helps employees take care their bodies while their minds are hard at work.

    In an effort to prevent our employees from working too hard, we’ve made mindfulness a central tenet of our office culture. From meditation sessions to yoga classes, we’re always looking for ways to help our employees take a step back, draw a deep breath, and persevere through particularly stressful or hectic times. Employees also receive a yearly stipend which reimburses them for fitness equipment, workout classes, or other wellness activities.

    We also strongly encourage employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance by, among other things, ensuring that all of our teams are always properly staffed. We believe people should be able to go home and spend time with friends and family at a reasonable hour, and our leadership makes a concerted effort to be mindful of both natural workflow cycles and project-based spikes in output demand. Relatedly, PHM offers unlimited sick days that employees can use to see a doctor, recover from an illness, or even stay home to care for an ill child.

    Part of this work-life balance is our recently instituted Work From Home policy, another workplace wellness initiative, where full-time employees in good standing can work from home up to three days per month. Besides the option to work in one’s pajamas, working from home also allows our employees to spend more time with their families and loved ones.  

    Fostering a Healthy Company Culture In and Out of the Workplace

    Health and wellness considerations inform our extracurricular programming, as well. For instance, the PHM team has participated in the American Heart Association’s Heart Walktwo years running. Both years, we closed our office for the day, walked in the morning, and threw a lighthearted social event in the afternoon — bowling the first year, ping pong the second.

    We also started a Field Day tradition, where the entire office breaks up into teams and competes in light-hearted and nostalgic games for glory and bragging rights.

    We recognize that such social outings enable employees to develop relationships outside the strictures of the office, relationships that, in our experience, actually lay the groundwork for stronger, more honest, more transparent professional interactions.

    And this, ultimately, is the crux of the matter. We define “health and wellness” quite broadly, as we’re of the mind that just about everything contributes to an employee’s overall wellbeing. We believe that wellness is more than just the physical — more than just a bill of clean health from a doctor — it’s a holistic standard, and one that we promote every day we come to work.

    At PHM, we’re deeply invested in creating the ideal conditions for our employees to realize such comprehensive wellbeing, which is why since day one, we’ve chosen health.

    Jaime Morelli, GVP, Media, is an accomplished strategic communications leader with nearly two decades of expertise across pharma, consumer packaged goods, retail, beauty, and telecom. She specializes in spearheading innovative, integrated marketing ideas that drive brand impact.

    Jaime joined PHM in early 2016. She has lead a variety of accounts at PHM, including pharma, medical devices, and hospitals, across both consumer and HCP.

    Jaime enjoys collaborating with clients and agency partners to bring forward the strongest ideas for her brands. Her management style and strategic planning approach are the same: they both put people (and patients) first.

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