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    Stand In Your Vision: Investing In People To Deliver Organizational Excellence

    September 28, 2018
    Posted by Bill Veltre
    At PHM, we believe that visionary leadership, workplace culture, and organizational success are fueled by our biggest asset: our people. Culture Current is an ongoing series showcasing how individuals across PHM reflect our most essential values.

    Organizational success begins with empowering your team members to stand in their own vision.

    Let me take some time to empower you, whether you are a manager of self, or a manager of others. But before we begin, let me tell you a story. When I first started at PHM, I was tasked with managing an individual who was struggling to learn some of the foundational skills. What I suspected would be a sizable challenge turned out to be the most rewarding experience of my career.

    You see, although this person was struggling in their role, they were nothing short of an open book — comfortable sharing their fears, anxieties, and difficulties. Because they were so comfortable expressing their vulnerability, I was able to understand their learning preferences and formulate concrete growth strategies for them. Ultimately, this employee went from having their performance monitored daily to being promoted within a year. A year later, they ended up leaving PHM for a smaller health-related company, where they quickly ascended to become the lead of their marketing department.

    Knowing Your Vision and Standing in It

    I like to tell this story because it’s a prime example of my career development philosophy of standing in your vision. “Standing in your vision” means formulating an end goal — no matter how small or large — and letting that goal inform each and every day of your life and work. Your vision could be getting the next promotion, or retiring early and living a life of leisure, but whatever the details, you should wake up each morning immersed in that vision and carry it with you all the time.

    As a manager, one of my visions is to empower individuals on my team to create — and then stand in — their own visions. I try to cultivate an environment built on trust and authenticity in order to foster that ability — that power to open up and be vulnerable.

    I don’t think those two things — power and vulnerability — are opposites. To stand in your vision, you must not fear your vision — that’s power. At the same time, to overcome hesitations about moving toward your vision, it’s necessary to be honest with yourself about where those fears come from and how you can overcome them — that’s vulnerability. Only when we’re able to honestly address our weaknesses and failures will we be able to achieve our vision.

    The Value of Vision Boarding

    I like vision boarding because, unlike other means of goal-setting in corporate America, it allows goals to be visualized every day. I encourage my team members to hang their vision boards in their personal office space, keeping these images and words fresh in their minds at all times. Being the best you can be is a process that begins anew each day, and vision boards can remind us of this, and inspire us to continue to “be” and “do”.

    They can also inspire coworkers and managers to help stay accountable and connected to your vision. This is how we can empower one another to a higher level: building each other up, instead of trying to compare ourselves or knock each other down.

    PHM’s culture is uniquely suited to cultivating these kinds of inspiring connections and management techniques. We’re very entrepreneurial, and there’s opportunity for everyone to inspire organizational change. We’ve been able to grow so rapidly over the last five years because we bring in incredible individuals with unmatched talents, and we’re big believers in motivating those individuals to do great things, whether here with us at Publicis, or beyond.

    When our organizational goals align with an individual’s goals, meaningful connections occur, empowerment is the norm, and growth happens at every level. This philosophy is what allows our talent to define clear visions and truly connect to the work we are doing as an agency and group. That’s what we call “purpose squared,” and that’s a defining feature of who we are at Publicis Health Media.

    Bill Veltre, VP, Media, brings over a decade of health and wellness media experience to PHM. He has worked across more than a dozen categories on brands at all life cycle stages, from launch to sunset.

    Bill’s strengths include robust management skills, well-rounded marketplace knowledge, and an ability to establish authentic strategic partnerships with clients that deliver positive business results through innovative media recommendations.

    His involvement in portfolio planning, brand optimization, campaign development, and cross-functional integration have established him as a team player focused on driving business impact.

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