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    Teaming Up with Peloton for a Healthier PHM

    November 1, 2021
    Posted by Jaime Morelli

    Jaime Morelli, SVP Learning, Culture & Corporate Social Responsibility

    Our mission at PHM is to connect people with life-changing health and wellness solutions, every day.  This mission drives how PHM researches, strategizes and executes on our client’s visions: health and wellness, for the people, always. And the most important people we want to bring health and wellness to are our own.

    To that end, we connected our people with all that a health leader has to offer through Peloton Corporate Wellness, the premier employee wellness benefit that inspires and motivates Members through world-class instructors, programming and an inclusive community. Whether you have a Peloton Bike, Tread or no equipment at all, this Membership will encourage our folks to work from home more healthfully by moving their bodies daily and joyfully. 

    Peloton Corporate Wellness is an accessible and engaging new benefit that empowers healthy teams and businesses. Whether a new or existing Peloton Member, with preferred pricing on Peloton App Memberships and Connected Fitness products – such as the Bike, Bike+ and Tread – PHM employees can access thousands of live and on demand classes at their level, on their time and with their personal wellness goals in mind.

    Through the Peloton App Membership, our employees will love the ability to stream live or on-demand classes anytime, anywhere – between meetings, whether they have five or 45 minutes – our employees can find time to participate.

    I live in Chicago, so between the rapidly descending thermostat and the onslaught of winter on the horizon, outdoor runs (or even just running from my front door to the car) are not high on my “to-do” list. My plan is to get back into daily meditation and maybe test my coordination with some dance cardio classes. My colleagues are already planning live rides and runs together. I’m excited to add more physical movement to my day and I know it will be healthy for everyone at PHM, and get their creative juices flowing.

    In my role as Culture lead at the agency, I seek out new and creative ways to bring engaging activities to PHM. Bonus points for when I get to bring health and wellness into the mix. A special thanks to Liz Faughnan, Kayla Reid and Samantha Dunn who helped bring this new benefit to PHM, it’s just another example of great teamwork here at PHM. 

    I’m passionate about PHM’s mission and purpose. I want our people to love it here, so I’m always looking for new ways to engage them, take care of them and keep them happy. From Monday morning meditations that transition us into the work week to mid-day outdoor team walks, our Peloton Corporate Wellness program is yet another way PHM is building agency culture in a virtual world. See you on the Leaderboard! #PHMLove

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