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    What I’m Looking Forward to at this year’s Mozcon

    July 16, 2019
    Posted by Wilson Altidor

    Each year, hundreds of Paid Search, Social, UX, and SEO specialists descend on the Washington State Convention Center to spend three days connecting, learning, and discussing cutting edge industry strategies at MozCon.

    This year I will be one of those marketing specialists in attendance, where I’ll connect with this incredible community of industry experts.

    As the conference begins, I’d like to share some of the agenda topics that I’m most looking forward to bringing back and sharing with my team at PHM.

    Web Search 2019: The Essential Data Marketers NeedRand Fishkin, Moz Co-Founder, Author, and CEO of Sparktoro.

    What I believe to be an excellent start for the conference, Rand will share how Google has a leveraged their power to become less of a platform but a direct competitor to websites for referral traffic.

    He will then share how to find opportunities for traffic, branding, and marketing success.

    With the flurry of Google’s recent algorithmic updates, forecasting and adjusting to the new standards set by our platforms has become somewhat of a quandary. For this reason, I eagerly await Rand’s insights for how best we can prepare and adapt our clients’ websites during this time of change.

    Keywords Aren’t Enough: How to Uncover Content Ideas Worth ChasingRoss Simmonds, Digital Strategist at Foundation Marketing

    As a content specialist, I’m biased towards keyword research as the crux of my content proposals. However, this may not be enough to gain a competitive edge if I end up limiting myself to other sources.

    Therefore, I’m excited to understand Ross Simmonds’s framework for covering ideas by leveraging forums, communities, and SERP analysis to build stronger SEO recommendations.

    Building a Discoverability Powerhouse: Lessons from Merging an Organic, Paid, & Content PracticeHeather Physioc, Group Director of Discoverability at VMLY&R

    As a part of PHM’s Digital Platform, we in the SEO department are always seeking to understand how organic search can continue to better integrate across paid search, media, and programmatic. Heather Physioc has found a fresh way of merging these different capabilities into a unified Discoverability group.

    Her talk will focus on how creating an integrated strategy can help create a powerful omnichannel that is not possible by sticking to a traditional, more siloed mindset. I am hoping for some novel best practices as takeaways.

    Making Memories: Creating Content People RememberCasie Gillette, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at KoMarketin

    Something I truly love about my work is that we help people find potentially life-changing information within the health and wellness space — creating content that is not only important to search engines, but to the people who discover our websites.

    While I work in a world of technology and data, I am intrigued by Casie Gillette’s idea of capturing attention and creating content that an audience will not only find, but will engage with and remember.

    20 Years in Search & I Don’t Trust My Gut or GoogleWil Reynolds, Founder and Director of Digital Strategy at Seer Interactive

    I love Wil Reynolds. He was one of the stand-out speakers at last year’s MozCon, and his unbridled enthusiasm for new modes of thinking around SEO is contagious.

    After getting more conversions from zero-volume search terms for a client—more than he did with queries that were searched over 1000 times a month—Wil has found a new way of using data in his SEO strategies.

    This year he’ll discuss building systems to look at every single search term as insights to grow your marketing.

    Sounds almost too good to believe, but to Wil Reynolds, that’s just the kind of challenges he likes: turning us all into believers.

    What Voice Means for Search Marketers: Top Findings from the 2019 Report – Christi Olson, Head of Evangelism and Search at Microsoft

    This talk will ultimately break down how search marketers can adapt to v-commerce.

    Christi Olson will share how to use language semantics for better PPC targeting and content creation while optimizing existing content to be voice friendly.

    Did someone say voice schema mark up?

    Redefining Technical SEOPaul Shapiro, Senior Partner and Head of SEO at Catalyst

    In my time working with the technical team, I have built a technical SEO understanding well beyond crawling, rendering, and indexing.

    I am excited to see how Paul Shapiro shares his thoughts on the various applications of technical SEO through content development and other creative functions.

    Hopefully, these new insights will give me brownie points with my tech team, when I return with a new understanding of the breadth of technical applications for SEO.

    Killer CRO and UX Wins Using an SEO CrawlerLuke Carthy, Digital Lead at Excel Networking

    Luke Carthy will present actionable tips to identify wins improve underperforming pages, ultimately to increase conversions and help search crawlers interpret your site. He also will present data points from case studies and real-world examples that can significantly enhance a site’s functionality.

    Featured Snippets: Essentials to Know & How to TargetBritney Muller, Senior SEO Scientist at Moz

    The ever elusive “featured snippet” may not be as elusive as you think.

    Britney Muller will share her new findings on search engine results pages, as well as new methods to employ in the battle for capturing “position zero.”

    More to come from MozCon

    The presentations listed are a small sample of the excellent talks held at MozCon this year.

    Be sure to tune in to Perspectives after MozCon, where I will provide my thoughts and reactions, as well as key insights and takeaways from the conference.

    Wilson Altidor, SEO Content Manager, leads keyword discovery, content audits and content recommendations for SEO campaigns. His passion for all forms of communication and project management highlight his skills in marketing and digital media, along with his desire to improve inefficient processes and internal dialogue.

    Wilson leads SEO strategy for a number of brands. At PHM he is responsible for day-to-day management, execution, and monitoring of SEO campaigns, training and mentoring associates on SEO best practices, and structuring recommendation roadmaps for campaign success.

    His involvement in identifying short- and long-term opportunities that align with client goals have established him as a team player focused on driving business impact.

    Connect with Wilson on LinkedIn.

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