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    Vaishali Mokashi, SVP Strategy, in MM+M: Flashpoint of Care: The new role of pharmacists

    March 23, 2021
    Posted by Publicis Health Media

    The role of pharmacists have changed dramatically over the past year, establishing more direct relationships with patients, and marketers are responding. PHM SVP of Strategy Vaishali Mokashi spoke with MM&M about how these providers are becoming more involved in the point of care.

    An excerpt from Vaishali’s conversation with MM+M:

    Mokashi says client priorities have adapted to these challenges, especially among critical medications and medicines for chronic conditions. In those categories, she notes, “We saw some of our clients shifting budgets from print to digital because people needed quick bites of information when they needed it.”

    This, in turn, drove the inclusion in client plans of new ad formats, such as those available in mobile gaming — which saw an increase in users and time spent during the pandemic. “We wanted to capture healthcare professionals during their blue-jean moments, especially pharmacists and pharmacy assistants who tend to skew younger,” Mokashi continues. “We are seeing receptivity shift toward digital. What clients were trying to do for 10 years, COVID did in 10 days.”  

    Clients also had to adjust the type of information they provided to pharmacists to meet the unique challenges of the pandemic. “Pharma companies needed to quickly put out information in terms of which drugs can interact with their drugs, and what impact could that have on COVID,” Mokashi says. “We had to pivot very quickly with that, and be mindful of what information is needed right now.”

    Read the full article featuring Vaishali on MM+M.

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