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    From PM360: Platform Activation Lead Ray Rosti On PHM’s “In-Play” Marketing Approach

    October 29, 2018
    Posted by Publicis Health Media

    At PHM, we know that mass marketing methods that target through traditional audience segmentation do not work for our healthcare brands. We must connect at the moment someone is evaluating treatment decisions. Otherwise, we risk not getting them the critical information they are looking for.

    In this month’s issue of PM360, Platform Activation lead Ray Rosti discusses how the “in-target” mentality is an ineffectual one for healthcare. Instead, we take an “in-play” approach. We generate expert insights using real, robust cross-channel data to identify critical signals and behaviors. By acting on these signals, we are better able to reach the right people at the right moments.

    To read more from Ray’s point of view, see the full article on PM360 here.

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