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    Meet The Four Finalists For The PHM Healthfront’s Disruption Garage

    July 12, 2019
    Posted by Emma Keenan

    Next week’s inaugural PHM Healthfront is just around the corner. In addition to insightful panels, engaging presentations, and first mover opportunities, one of the most exciting features on the agenda will be the Disruption Garage: a first of its kind entrepreneurial platform for health and wellness companies.

    In line with our vision of continually reimagining media for health and wellness, PHM sought the most disruptive ideas that aim to help solve some of the world’s most pressing health challenges. After a nationwide call for entrepreneurs to submit their future facing ideas, four outstanding companies with truly impressive products were selected as finalists: MotivCurogramMedcorder, and Validose.

    Before the doors open at the Classic Car Club on Tuesday, we wanted to provide a sneak peek at how these four companies are looking to shake up the healthcare industry.

    The first-ever smart ring

    Motiv tracks steps and mileage like most trackers, but it also monitors active heart rate, which records the minutes spent exercising – not walking to the fridge. All of the information automatically syncs to the Motiv app where it is organized for easy comprehension. The Motiv ring also detects the time spent asleep each night down to the minute and acts as online security. Its two-step verification feature creates an additional barricade to protect email accounts, social media and personal finance accounts. This swanky new accessory takes tiny but mighty to a whole new level.

    Tomorrow’s patient-provider communication channel

    Curogram was designed to create a solution to the lack of patient engagement in our highly technological world. Created by Ali Khazaeizadeh and Shayan Nafisi in 2016, Curogram is a universal healthcare messaging platform designed to capitalize on the preferred form of communication in the 21st century: texting and messaging. The desktop and mobile applications allow for patients and providers to communicate directly with one another in a seamless manner. Patients can receive, store and share their personal medical information in a single, centralized HIPAA-secure environment. Healthcare providers can communicate directly with those patients and have the flexibility of a technology that is EMR agnostic.

    No more confusion about the doctor’s orders

    David Weekly, CEO of Medcorder, recognized medical conversations between patients and doctors are often confusing and complex and full of unknown terminology with high emotional stakes. Medcorder, created in 2019, offers a solution to help navigate these doctor discussions. This is a free mobile application that records, saves and transcribes your conversations with the doctor, so that patients can immediately share with their friends and family to make better informed decisions together.

    Smart dosing for safety and control

    The Validose Smart Atomizer, founded by Marcel Botha, is an inventive solution to drug misuse. Botha recognized the contradictory nature of medical drugs to be both beneficial, but simultaneously detrimental, so he created a tool to help navigate this conundrum. The device is an at-home intranasal platform that optimizes drug delivery for controlled substances and other drugs to prevent medication misuse, allowing doctors to ensure their patients are safely receiving their prescribed medication in the correct dosages. Using HIPAA software, doctors can alter dosage, track usage, communicate with patients, and get alerts when the device is tampered with.

    Each of these brilliant companies will be given 10 minutes to pitch their product in Shark-tank-like style before the HealthFront audience and a live panel of judges we’re calling the “Lion’s Den”. The four “Lions” will be Natalie Schneider, Samsung Vice President, Digital Health; Ryan Olahan, managing director of healthcare at Google; Brian Cooley, CNET editor at large; and Martha Stewart, entrepreneur, businesswoman and founder of the Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mount Sinai. And that’s not all! Dr. Oz, cardiac surgeon and host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” will host and moderate the competition.

    The winner will receive an award of over $1M in services and goods to take their business to the next level. Stay tuned after the HealthFront to find out which of these finalists takes home the grand prize!

    Emma Keenan, Business Development and Marketing Intern, is a rising junior at UCLA. She is supporting the production of PHM’s first ever Healthfront by coordinating with sponsors, acting as a liaison with the public relations team, assisting with social media engagement, and supporting event logistics.

    Outside of the office she can be found reading books by Lake Michigan and exploring all the eclectic food options that Chicago has to offer.

    Connect with Emma on LinkedIn.

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