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    Design in Health: The Future of Healthcare that Puts People First

    March 4, 2021
    Posted by Publicis Health Media

    PHM CMO Alison McConnell recently sat down with UT professor and faculty director Tamie Glass and systems designer and professor Natalie Privett from UT Austin’s Design in Health focused graduate program. They discuss how a pioneering cohort of students is reimagining health to bring revolutionary change.

    Below, a preview of the conversation, which you can read in full right here:

    “Health is the new wealth”— this is something I believe in, deeply. The understanding that individual and collective health has become a definitive value point for modern life drives my work at Publicis Health Media and the way I view health and wellness across the board.

    It was also the focus of a recent conversation with systems designer Natalie Privett and faculty director Tamie Glass—both professors and leaders within University of Texas at Austin’s pioneering degree program, the Master of Arts in Design, focused on Design in Health.

    A first-of-its-kind degree, the M.A. in Design concentrating on designing for health is a co-creation of the UT Austin College of Fine Arts, my alma mater, and the UT Dell Medical School. Last year, I was asked to serve as part of its advisory council for this new program, participating in its development and rollout to more effectively shape the future of health and empower new generations of students to seize upon the immense possibilities of this industry.  

    Natalie, Tamie and I sat down to discuss this revolutionary program, the importance of human-centered design, and what our hopes are for the future of health.

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