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    COVID-19 Shows the Promise of Retail Health

    March 24, 2020
    Posted by Andrea Palmer

    The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is changing much of how we live today and it could well change how we access healthcare in the future. On Friday March 13, President Donald Trump delivered an update on how the nation is stepping up efforts to test for the virus. 

    He was flanked by leaders in the retail industry, the CEOs of the largest retail chains in the US: CVS, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart. It was a telling moment as retail brands stepped up to the podium to literally and figuratively assert their own leadership in fighting this pandemic. 

    The update included news that these stores will create drive-through testing in parking lots once the tests are more widely available. These company stocks got a bump before the market closed that day, but that near-term gain will likely be overshadowed by the long-term boost retail health operations could get.

    It’s pretty clear that retail will play a prominent role that goes beyond mobile test centers, as well. One that has the potential to change how consumers access healthcare in the future.

    Check out the full article at Retail Leader

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