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    A Commitment to Doing Better

    June 11, 2020
    Posted by Andrea Palmer

    We will start by looking within.

    Police brutality, racism, discrimination – the weight of these carried by Black Americans has come crashing down and we are feeling the effects as a society and a workplace. Now, thanks to their energy and those who march and protest with them, Americans are taking a harder look at what they’ve done, and can do, on issues of race—myself included. 

    How do we move forward together and address the inequities all around us? We will start by looking within. 

    Our people have always been our greatest asset. PHM has always embraced the startup culture—we talk about disruption and innovation, and have developed products and programs that help our clients to great effect. It’s time to do the same within our own walls. I firmly believe we have the desire and ability to leverage our disruptor energy to disrupt this space, too.

    Companies are acknowledging that they have fallen short when it comes to matters of diversity, fairness and fighting for societal change. So many are saying “we can do better” and PHM is no different. We have fallen short. We have not done the work. We have to do better. 

    There is no roadmap and we will no doubt make mistakes. How could we not? But it won’t stop us from trying and ultimately making progress. 

    In the past week, PHM has established a Diversity and Inclusion Council made of volunteer representatives within our agency to help drive change from within. We are launching our first Brave Spaces forum, part of an ongoing program within Publicis Groupe to provide safe spaces to discuss sensitive issues. It is a start.

    On June 17, all of Publicis Groupe will come together and brainstorm solutions for our company. To create more open avenues of dialogue, to better understand, accept and support one another. Then on Juneteenth, PHM will be closing our offices for a separate, designated day to reflect, plan and take action—because ending racism is up to us all. 

    This is not just about increasing diversity in our ranks, although that’s certainly a part of it. It’s also about listening, understanding and acting to ensure positive change. 

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