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The Power of


From high-level strategy to the most granular campaign optimizations, passion is the driving force behind everything we do. We’re responsible for guiding people through some of the most challenging journeys they’ll ever face, and we take that responsibility seriously. Only with a foundational passion for the power of health and wellness can we help our clients reach patients with relevant information.

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We leverage industry-leading tools and unparalleled healthcare expertise to reach the right patients with the right information at the right time. Caring about people means speaking to the individual. Precision isn’t just about excising wasteful spending, improving ROI, achieving measurable outcomes, or acquiring insight into patient behaviors — it’s about treating patients as people.

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PHM sits at the intersection of the largest global healthcare agency network and the number one media collective in the US. Our health and wellness expertise coupled with our access to the clout that Publicis Media provides enables us to secure first-to-market and exclusive media opportunities for our clients. Whether it’s light-touch product placement in a popular television program or an innovative experiential campaign, our advantageous position allows us to deliver insightful and creative storytelling that extends our client’s brand stories in unique ways.

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In healthcare, performance cannot be measured in clicks or impressions or even office visits. Our only KPI is outcomes — business outcomes and patient outcomes. Our best-in-class outcomes analytics methodology enables us to see real ROI. But sound, evidence-based measurement isn’t just about proving ROI — it’s also about optimizing for it. With the best data-driven analytics team in healthcare media, we’re able to achieve performance that outclasses the field — with ROI four times greater than our closest competitor.

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