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When it comes to healthcare, the traditional media model doesn’t work. At Publicis Health Media, we’ve created one that does.


We connect people with life-changing health and wellness solutions every day.

Three folks in a room, trying to figure out how to make the traditional media model work in healthcare. That’s where we started: trying and failing to deliver high-impact campaigns with ineffectual tools designed for other verticals and aimed at boosting peripheral KPIs.   We founded PHM to deliver the only thing that matters in healthcare: outcomes. We’ve spent the last six years designing a media infrastructure that delivers meaningful results for healthcare brands and better experiences for their audiences.   Using real, 1:1, outcomes-based approaches, we’ve driven transformation across the healthcare landscape. With a passion for health and wellness, a collection of industry-first partnerships, and a group of committed people, PHM has led one of the most exciting marketing revolutions in recent memory.

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